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Don Nester
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June 17, 1939 Retired Married Kathy (34) MBA Oxford University and Beth (39) MSED Stanislaus Alice (7) Racing a Formula Ford in SCCA events, Race car maintenance and development, Building (Built a Garage/Workshop during the last two years), Cabinet making, President of Ridgewood Neighborhood Association, and Web Master for the Ridgewood Web Site.

After high school, I attended Penn State University and after a bit of academic difficulty, I managed to graduate from the school of Chemistry/Physics with a BS in Science.  My first job was as a scientific programmer with the G.E. Apollo support division in Daytona Beach, Florida.  After 3 months of working, I flew back to Pittsburgh PA to marry Betty (My wife of 44 years) and then immediately returned to Florida … no honeymoon.  We bought our first home for $12,000 with NO money down.


After two years, we returned to PA where I worked for the G.E. Reentry Systems in King of Prussia.  Two years later, I accepted a position with Burroughs Corp.


In 1967 I built my dream home in Chester Springs (I designed it, contracted Hugh MacMullen to build the shell, and I finished the inside.)


Because my job required frequent trips to CA., I noticed (after 5 years) that it was warm in CA and cold in PA.  So, using my contacts, in 1973 I landed a job with Singer Business Machines in the San Francisco Bay area.  This job lasted about 3 years at which time SBM went out of business.  I then took a position with EDS.  Although I was not a real good fit for the rigid EDS, I did well and they asked me to move to their head quarters in Dallas TX.  I thought about this for a few seconds and took a job with National Semiconductor in Silicon Valley.


Next position was with Fairchild and after that with my first Startup, Friday Computers as Director of Software development. Friday lasted about 6 months and went out of business … Oh well.


For recreation, I sailed my Venture 21 in the Bay and Skied in the Sierra Mountains.


My next position was director of software development with Computer Election Systems (you know, the company that sold Florida its punch card voting system.)    After 5 years, the company was successfully sold and I took my gains and left.


In 1990 fulfilling a childhood dream,  I vintage raced my Lotus Elan for two years and then switched to my current venue racing a Formula Ford in SCCA.


After working for someone all my life, I decided to try something different.  I partnered with a friend to start Elan Software.   Our product was a success and we sold the product and the business to Boole & Babbage where we continued to support our product for the next three years.


After working for a few more companies, I retired at 60 and moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains gold country foothills where I built my own home again … Life has been good!

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Sandra Rose (Nielsen)
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Retired Married Sven Erik, Leif Erik Erik Logan - Born 10/13/1999 Went to heaven 09/12/01 Owen Spencer - 6 years Alexa Erika - 4 years Lyndsey Grace - 18 months Sven Oliver - 18 months Gardening (no easy task here in the Poconos!), travel, music, reading

After two years at Grinnell College (IA) and
pounding the pavement for several weeks,
I finally landed a job with an export frim in
Philadelphia, ostensibly as a French translator.
One of my 'clients' was a charming Dane, proficient in 5 languages but, fortunately, not
French. In order to get into a management
position, I took night courses at Wharton (Penn)
in International Business and became an
account manager. In the meantime, the Dane,
who had planned to be in the States for just a
year, and I developed an on-going relationship.
We recently celebrated our 46th.

Being in international business we both have
travelled extensively overseas. Whenever we 
could, we went together (or whenever I had to
go with him - par ex the Middle East where a
woman could not go unaccompanied); otherwise
I was on my own which sometimes should have
warranted 'hazard pay'. Lots of experiences.

Since Svend & I were both out of the country
several months of the year, we hired au pairs
from Denmark for our 2 sons which gave them
a sense of stability during our absences.  Of
course, Mommy got the guilts now and then,
but both the boys tell me they never felt parental
abandonment.  They have turned out to be
teriffic kids.

Both Sven Erik & Leif have also travelled abroad
several times as babes and adults.  During one
trip I managed to live in Copenhagen for 6 months where I attended the university there to
study Danish language, history and culture.
Sven Erik was 5 at the time & went to the same
kindergartan as his Dad.  Among other trips,
a highlight for Leif was a month in China touring
with a National Choir Group,.

After 28 years in Chagrin Falls, a lovely suburb
east of Cleveland, we decided to build a home
in the Poconos and retire there with our two
canines, Lilly & Katie. This area is quite different
from the suburbia we knew, but we enjoy the
environs replete with deer, black bear, wild
turkey - you name it - they're here.  Our eldest
son bought our home in Chagrin so the 'homestead' is still in the family and we do so enjoy going back, sitting at the lakefront and

I really thought that after all the travelling we had
done, we would prefer a more sedentary life --
but, I guess it's simply in our genes - plus we
have accumulated a fair amount of mileage perks, so we still fly the 'not so friendly skies'
domestically and internationally. Svend & I have been blessed with good health so, while we still
can, why not??!!

Had really looked forward to our 50th.  Friends
from overseas are arriving that weekend and
their schedule couldn't be changed. Evidently
something was 'lost in the translation'.  Hoping
to get together with some of you at one of your
luncheons.  The committee deserves a standing
ovation.  All the best to the Class of '57.

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Aurora C Forsthoffer (O'Brien)
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Volunteer Widowed Michael J. O Board Member - Neumann College Aston, PA Volunteer for Bereavement Services - Jefferson Hospice & Palliative Care Executive Board - Philadelphia Antiques Show - HUP Health System Treasurer - HUP Abrahamson Christmas & Easter Committee Antiques - Miniatures - Gardening - Avalon NJ - Cars

How the O'Briens arrived on Dodds Lane:

In 1968, we had just bought a new VW and drove it to a charity cocktail party on Dodds Lane.  When I realized they had valet parking, I told my husband to back up and we parked the car ourselves.  After the party, we walked back to our car and Bob said if he ever was successful, this was the street he wanted to live on.

Fast forward to 1986.  Bob's new job was taking off and the limo could not get up our drive in Newtown Square.  It was time to look for another home.  After bidding on and losing a few houses, our agent asked him "just where do you want to live?"  Answer:  "Dodds Lane".  We were told that it is rare that one comes up and Bob's reply was that he could wait as long as it was Dodds Lane.

Two weeks later we received a call that a home was coming up for sale on Sunday.  Off we went.  As we neared the home, I noticed that it had a name, "Windy Top".  I grew up in Lansdowne...how could I live in a house with a NAME!  Then I balked at the color..."I'll paint it" said my husband.  Down the drive we went, and I gasped upon seeing it and told Bob, "if you can afford it, buy it;  I don't even have to go in."  We toured the house and knew it was perfect.  One week later we were the owners of 665 Dodds Lane.

Here I am, 20 years later on Dodds Lane.  For a couple married in 1964 with no money and no college, we did not do too bad.  My husband enrolled at St. Joe's and graduated just before we started adoption proceedings for our son, Michael.  When Mike came into our lives, everything changed.  My husband's Asset Management firm took off and we realized a few of our dreams.  Our son attended the Haverford School and then Boston College.  He is currently employed in his dream job as PR and Broadcaster for the Trenton Devils ECHL hockey team.  Bob bought his sail boat and we went all up and down the east coast.  He put together a great collection of antique motorcycles and I enjoyed driving my sports cars.  Bob fought cancer for 9 1/2 years but realized all his dreams he could jam into 62 years.  Only in America!

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Astrid Johansson (Ottey)
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Retired Reading Specialist Married Holly Tsihlis, Kerstin Yeomans, Janice Ottey, Allis Ottey Alexis Tsihlis - 6, Callista Tsihlis - 5, Ariana Tsihlis - 3. Swimming, reading, bridge, walking church functions, traveling and visiting friends and family
I have been retired now from the Northampton Area School District, Northampton, PA for 12 years as a reading specialist. We now live in Denver, Colorado from early October to mid May. Then we live at our shorehouse on LBI from May to October. We are truly blessed to live in such wonderful locations. In Denver we live across the street from the Denver Performing Arts Center where we attend plays, the opera, the ballet and we are especially fond of the Colorado Symphony. We take many classes for free from Metro State College and the University of Colorado at Denver just a few short blocks from our apt. Bill and I try to swim six days a week. I also love to play bridge in two bridge groups and am in charge of our Book Discussion Group in our 42 story high rise building. We enjoy our church activities and all the many activities downtown living has to offer. . I am looking forward to visiting with my classmates from the Class of 57. Send Astrid a MessageSend Astrid a Message
Frank Parker
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Actor Married Candace (deceased) Danielle and Lindsay None yet Golf, Playing cards, Singing, walking
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1963.  Moved to NYC to try to make a living at acting and was on several TV series.  I later moved to Los Angeles and drove a cab, painted houses, etc.  My daughter, Candace, died in an auto accident 10 years ago at age 18.  My 23 year old  twin daughters are in college in Los Angeles. For the past 30 years,  I have played the character of Shawn Brady on "Days of Our Lives"  on daytime TV.   I remarried 2 years ago and live in beautiful Northern California with my wife, Mary.   I commute (occasionally) 500 miles to work in LA.    I feel blessed in my career as an actor

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Secretary n/a Widowed Donna Lynne & Scott Michael None Friends, Families & Our 2 Cats Going to Broadway & Community Theater Still working hard for the Borough of Westville. Visiting Ocean City, NJ & Cape May.
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Elizabeth Maraldo (Powell)
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January 05, 1940 Retired Widowed Diane, Danny, Maureen, Bernadette I have 11 Grandchildren Teddy 23, Lauren 19, Cody 18, Kim 18, Jill 15, Ryan 9, Danny 8, Kylie 6, Nick 6, Sean 6, and Ava 2 and 1 on the way in July Cooking, Gardening and Traveling

Hello Class of 57 I'm still kicking and doing great! Just wanted to give you some information about myself. Married to Daniel Powell from Aldan, for 40 years. I have been living in Aldan for 30 years. Dan passed away in 2001. We have four great children, Diane, Danny, Maureen and Bernadette and eleven grandchildren and one on the way in July. I'm retired and enjoying my family also watching grandchildren. What could be better than that! I won't be attending the reunion, but I do hope everyone is doing good and has a wonderful time at  the reuion.

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Ruthann (Jody) Hart (Price)
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Retired p.c. teacher Widowed Derke; Heidi Derke's - Nick (12); Anne (9). Heidi's - Melissa (20); Meghan (15); Michael (12). I enjoy crafts and doing things at Church. Spend the winters in Ft. Myers, FL.
Not able to attend this year.  Hope you all have a wionderful time.  I had some fun years at LAHS.
The "now" picture is of Jody's family.  She is in the "Cubs" shirt. 
Judy Jeffers (Ray)
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Retired Law Enforcement Secretary Married Cheryl and Ronda Sarah-18 (starting Penn State nursing in the Fall) Emily-17 (Senior at Lancaster Christian School) Paul-15 (Sophmore at Lancaster Christian School) David-14 (8th grade at Lancaster Christian School) Volunteer at Lancaster Regional Hospital Knitting Gardening Photography Traveling with my family
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Steve Riddell
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Maintenance - Oil Refinery Married Scott, Gary, Glenn, Lori Ashley -24, Cody - 18, Brianna - 12, Janessa - 10, Kendal - 16 Part-time Handicap van driver for school system. Play lots of golf. Go RVing. Enjoy gardening and especially love to hunt grouse with my two bird dogs.
In my spare time, I support the medical community by going to various doctors Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
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