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Miss McCollough at a loss for words
While an Active Duty Naval Reserve Seaman ( in my Tropical White Uniform with 3 little stripes ), I encountered Miss M. in front of the Post Office on Lansdowne Ave. After mutual greetings, she...
Last Post: Aug 23rd 2007
Author: MarshallMiller
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Citation of Classmates
Committee has researched Lansdowne Borough Police Blotter
From the 50's

Outstanding Citations:

Speeding- Sue Speers- on her way to Young Life...
Last Post: Jul 5th 2007
Author: araara
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Freshmen year
Sue Girard and I had just started our first year at " the big school" LAHS. The first person that I remember meeting was this big guy who stopped me in the hall. It was Brant Widdows. He demanded...
Last Post: Jun 27th 2007
Author: JoanTihansky
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The following was submitted by Rose (Hagopian):

"My grandmother, who lived with us, used to make soap.
She'd render the fat, and it was a smelly, long
process, using...
Last Post: Jun 21st 2007
Author: SueRoddy
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