Karen (Kinkel) Barnes
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Nice to discover this website and its information.  The reunion sounds like fun. We'll check back when we get our departure date for China.
  Joan Tihansky
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
What a great year.  A big thanks to those of you that worked so hard on this site.  Because of you, I have reconnected with old friends from LAHS and  friends from other schools.  Let's keep it going.
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  dick kwiatkowski
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
I just prepped myself for "the big one" by watching Grease. My kids think I'm delusional for comparing Rydel to LAHS and I can't find a way to explain my nostalgia for the innocent time of yore, the comraderie, the loyalties, the fun times. Friday night dances in the gym, movie nights the day before football games, then Linton rest. after. It could be the alzheimers but I can't remember any problems with drugs or alcohol during those years. Then again, I was also on the AV crew so I may just have been out of the loop.
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  Marsh Miller
Thursday, August 23, 2007
As usual I'm a littel behind on submitting things - but remember: It's better to be a little behind than be a big behind!
  Kirk Irwin
Monday, August 20, 2007
Just received a note from Pat, and went on line to fi9nd out about the reunion. Apparently my spam filter ate the Announcement (just like my dog ate my homework 50 years ago). Sounds like a fun time, but Judy (Powell) and I won't be able to make it. Enjoy! Kirk
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  Terry Irrgang
Friday, August 3, 2007
sorry, we can't make the reunion. jean is having delicate retina surgery just a week before. miss all you guys. great luck and a great time at the festivities. good health and best wishes to everybody. we,re both healthy and well,except for jean's right eyesight, which we're hoping will cured soon.
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  Barbara Dougherty Wall
Saturday, July 14, 2007
Everyone looks happy in the pictures. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the Reunion. It is the wrong weekend for us to attend. My husband, Austin Wall, DDS has made other plans.
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  Joan Tihansky [ Ciampaglia]
Friday, July 6, 2007
Thank you for doing the web page. I again feel connected to the wonderful years at L.A.H.S. I have such good memories of so many of you. See you at the reunion.
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  Floless Gab
Sunday, June 17, 2007
Just came across some pictures that I weeded out of PJ parties at Carol Altemous' home, old newspaper articles of football games, and young life pictures --even at the ranch. broungt back lots of happy memories.
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  Karen Kinkel Barnes
Monday, June 4, 2007
Sorry I can't come to the reunion but we're living and teaching in South China right now. Have a great time.
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  Pat Scheerer
Friday, June 1, 2007
I need everyone to come to the 50th Reunion. The Reunion Committee is working VERY hard to make this one a success. Also, please go on the site and enter your profile and what events you are attending.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
the bullet train goes from Darby to Kyoto to Tokyo ...and then back to the Terminal at 69th st. in Upper Darby.
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  Rose Marie Fagan (Hagopian)
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Hi Gang! Can't wait til the reunion to see the gang again. Have a safe trip coming and going.
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  Rose Marie Hagopian
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Hi All, Hope you all have a safe trip and a great time at our 50th reunion. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?
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  Waverly McCall Shirreffs
Monday, April 23, 2007
Think this might help with your missing list: Wigington Hill, Irene 1476 Hancock Lane Wayne, PA 19087 610.296.8879 We[class of 56] had great luck finding the missing through: zabasearch.com Good Luck!
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